Minnesota Nice

One of the best things about moving to a new place is that you kind of get to reinvent yourself. No one up here knows what am embarrassing mess of a teenager I was, for example. No one here knows (or cares, for that matter) how many times Mitch and I fought and broke up and got back together before we decided that we were MADE FOR EACH OTHER FOR REALZ. It’s kind of liberating to only have to share the things about yourself that you choose to share, and if you have a few habits or grating personality traits that you’d like to work on– perfect opportunity! None of your friends will look at you funny if you say something like, “We don’t allow high fructose corn syrup in our house.” Because they don’t know that you personally put at least three Krispy Kreme employees through college and medical school.

In the weeks leading up to our move, I thought a lot about what things I could work on when we moved. For instance– do I REALLY need to give my opinion about every single topic? Does my voice need to be part of every discussion? Do I need to take a stand on EVERYTHING, or can Minnesota Adrienne just be one of those women that everyone says is KIND before they think of any other adjective to describe her?

But I’ll admit– at first… all I was working on was adjusting. When we moved up here, we thought I was going to start working within a few weeks– I had a job offer within a week of my arrival. But the logistics just didn’t work out and I had to turn it down. Then came the issue of getting a Minnesota teaching license– with a waiting period of 8-12 weeks. So I have been settling into being a stay at home mom again. I told Mitch that I was giving myself six weeks to mope and adjust and ‘begin again.’ Not that I don’t love being with Maren– but let’s be honest– it’s not so easy to go from working full time to being at home 24/7, in a new place, where I don’t know anyone or where anything is. When I stayed at home with Maren in Omaha, it was literally the best few months of my life– but we had a zoo, a children’s museum, beautiful parks, and a gazillion friends who were happy to have us over if we were having “one of those days.” I have met a few people here, and Mitch’s brother’s family is a few hours away, so it’s not like it’s all bad…. but it’s very, very different.

Well, the adjustment wasn’t going so well at first. Six weeks came and went, and I was still crying every night, wanting to sleep constantly, and eating EVERYTHING THAT WASN’T NAILED DOWN. Mitch was beside himself, and I was getting a little worried about myself, too– I was trying to be patient with myself and give myself some time to let life happen… but man alive. It seemed like my life was getting worse and worse, not better and brighter. I’m not saying that I’ve always been super good at moving on with my life when things aren’t going great, but I’m not generally the type to just sit and mope for months on end.

And then the stomach cramps started, and I really started to get sad. I’ve been depressed before, but never to the point of getting physically ill.

And then something clicked in my head and I thought, “Oh. Ooooooooh.

That’s right, folks. As it turns out, Minnesota Adrienne is pregnant.



February 21, 2012 · 10:00 am

2 responses to “Minnesota Nice

  1. I just cried. At my desk. Into my southwestern panini. I am just so doggone happy for you. What a beautiful post.

  2. Sara

    Great photo! What a creative way to announce your pregnancy.

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