ACK x 10

In ten years when Mitch and I look back at this tranformative summer, I think that these two weeks will be what we remember most. Starting in about one hour (when Maren goes down for nap) I will officially hit the ground running and not stop until next week. Here is a glance at my to-do list:


Finish my art portfolio

Polish my PE portfolio

Finish my Student Teaching portfolio

Hair cut at 645



Complete my lit assignments for the week and take a quiz

Go to class from 430-1030

Start my capstone paper



Pick up veggies from our CSA

Complete my capstone paper and turn it in

Turn in anything else for any classes

Double check that I haven’t forgotten anything

Pack my bags!



Go to Rocheport, MO to watch my best friend from high school get married (I know, random, right? Story to come later….)



Party it up. I have never been away from Maren for more than a few hours. Drinking and lounging will be involved.



Take Maren to visit her new daycare for an hour or so. Try not to cry. Bring tissues anyway.

Attend my very last class of my undergraduate career. I’m going to type that again, because maybe then I’ll believe it. Attend my very last class of my undergraduate career. Very. Last. LAST LAST LAST LAST LAST.

Turn in art portfolio

Re-pack my bag, pack Maren’s bag


Tuesday the 26-August 3rd Family Vacation in Minnesota

(wherein I have to take two finals for my online classes, also wherein I will finally GET UP on two skis)

August 4th

Begin student teaching a class of 2nd graders.



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3 responses to “ACK x 10

  1. Cat


  2. Hey. I just arrived at your blog & this is the first post i’ve read, but I gotta say something: get a second opinion. My daugher was a “surprise”, and I had a similarly, psychotic, barf-filled pregnancy. I thought I was super fertile! Three years later we started trying for another. After about 10 months or so I went to the gyno, who told me I need to relax and have a drink of wine (which I am allergic to but whatevs) and go on a romantic getaway. Doctors LOVE to blame infertility on the patient- I’ve heard of it happening a LOT (my sister had infertility problems and her doctor blamed it on her high-stress job, which she quit, and she still didn’t get pregnant and was then broke and infertile). I have plenty of friends who conceived while being overweight, so although that could be the problem, it might not be.
    The general rule seems to be if you haven’t been able to conceive after a year, you should seek the advice of an infertility specialist (this applies for secondary infertility as well). It took me three years of trying, laproscopic surgery to remove scar tissue from my first c-section, and a round of infertility drugs to get me my baby boy. I was pretty much my own advocate during this time because I got a lot of simple answers like, “relax”, “take a vacation”, “stop thinking about it so much and it’ll happen”….all of which pretty much pointed the finger and placed the blame for my infertility on me, when it wasn’t me at all.
    I know you’re just starting out on this journey, and hopefully everything will be resolved for you quickly. Of course, there is no harm in losing some weight -for your health & your future baby’s health. But I really hope you’ll speak to another doctor, too. It can’t hurt.
    Best wishes to you all!

    • Thanks for this advice, Laura (and thanks for visiting!). I am kind of looking at the weight loss as a distraction at this point– if I can focus on losing weight, rather than on getting pregnant, maybe we’ll just have a happy little accident, like Maren was. If not, then next Spring I can go back *hopefully* a few sizes smaller and say “WHAT UP NOW, DOCTOR LADY?” 🙂

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