Maren is sick. She had surgery last week to put tubes in her ears, which was supposed to take care of her ear infections. Then she developed a nasty upper respiratory infection which was making it hard to heal, so they put her on steroids. It didn’t clear up the infection, but it did really take care of her eczema, which is a perk, I suppose.

Then she had a poo marathon beginning on Friday, and stopped eating on Sunday. Monday afternoon Mitch took her to the doctor. The doctor informed us that Maren has– yes– another ear infection, and also a stomach virus. So she doesn’t want to treat the ear infection with an antibiotic, because that would make the stomach virus worse. Mitch demanded that her tubes be taken out on the spot, since all we’ve seen is double-plus-ungood since she got them, but the doctor ignored him and sent them home. She said to come back in two days and we’ll reassess. I’m very excited about paying that copay.

I’m in the home stretch of my fall classes, which doesn’t mean much, since I am taking a winter class for the first time this year. This means that starting on Saturday, I’m going to be in class from 830-1230 every Saturday until March. My spring classes start up in January, and I’ll be taking a bajillion credits and be in class four nights a week. Looking at my schedule today made me do this: “Phhhhhhhhhhhbtts.” All of this is making me look at my current homework: constructing a make believe science exam for a make believe third grade science class and taking a recorder proficiency exam (Yes, you read that correctly….); and say this to my husband, “You know what honey? In medical school, you can graduate at the bottom of your class, or the top of your class, and guess what? You still get to be a doctor.”  

To cheer myself up, I’m drinking a peppermint mocha from Scooters. And I’m watching Maren bang the shit out of Mitch’s best stock pot with a meat tenderizer.


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  1. Lindsay Heard

    Hang in there, mama!!! hope she’s feeling better now! I also am very geeked because we’re having a Scooters built about 1 mile from my house, on the way to church!! YAY!

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