Listmaker Pro

Things I Wish Maren Would Appreciate for How Awesome They Are:

Sleep (you can do it during the day, too! It’s not illegal!)

Putting on/taking off clothes


The Office

Maren is Going to Be So Pissed at Us When She Discovers:



Hollandaise Sauce

Sugar– especially brown sugar in oatmeal

Ice Cream


Fried Food

Tortilla Chips


Things I Want to Say To People But There is No Non-Douche Way to Say it (Okay, maybe there are non-douche ways to say them, but I just don’t know them):

“Thank you so much for this gift… the thing is, I will never dress my daughter in anything with a Disney princess on it.”

“Girls can wear blue. There’s no law against it.”

“ACTUALLY, when I make a choice for my family, it has nothing to do with you, your choices, or your family. Thanks.”

“I could be wrong… but I’m pretty sure that I don’t need your permission to not be a sports fan.”

Ways I’ve Changed Since Becoming a Mom

No time to figure out a way to be nice to jerks.

My body no longer feels like a construction zone, which is good. However, the reason for that is because they took out that curve and built a truck stop there.

Did you know that sleep is optional? Both for babies AND for adults.

No time for nice people, either. In fact, my entire adult-interaction quota for the day is filled by ordering coffee at the drive-thru.

Things I Can’t Wait to Do With Maren When She’s Older

Read “The Boxcar Children”

Let her decorate her room when we buy a house

Watch E.T. and American Tale

Walk to the ice cream shoppe and people watch

Play dress-up

Birthday pancakes

Things that Have Made Me Cry This Week

Giving Maren medicine. I hate. Hate. Hate. Giving her medicine.

Buying her a pair of shoes to help her stand and walk.

Finding out that I can graduate a semester early (yay!)

Finding out that to do that, I have to take a hella load next spring (boo.)

Registering for classes.

The possibility of moving out of Omaha

Things That Made Me Laugh This Week

Explaining to an elderly woman what getting ordained online means.

Mitch singing country music at the top of his lungs while walking up our stairs.

Maren’s new “crawling” which basically involves lots of reaching and falling. Looks kind of like a breast stroke.

Our realtor finding a way to make a cistern in our back yard a selling point.

Mitch trying to talk me into an Aladdin themed wedding, using the song “One Jump Ahead” as the precessional and “Friend Like Me” as the recessional


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